Skirt, Flank, Hanger
Skirt, Flank, Hanger

Skirt, Flank, Hanger

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Whether grilled or pan seared, these butcher's cuts bring the flavor.

We like to use these steaks for Tex-Mex, Latin and various Southeast Asian cooking styles (anything that uses limes or cilantro!). They also do well as brasserie style steaks with a rich sauce.

Cuts Guide

Skirt - Will be either Inside or Outside skirt steak; might be two packages to equal total listed weight, perfect for fajitas, street tacos, carne asada, ropa vieja, or topped with chimichurri.

Flank - Can be used similarly to Skirt steak, we enjoy it marinaded or topped with a balsamic glaze. Makes several portions of Steak Frites.

Hanger steak - Only one per steer, the original butcher's cut. Works well as a single serving of Steak Frites. 



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