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Great great grandma from the old country knew that nose-to-tail eating provides incredible flavor and a healthy variety. Today's top chefs serve elevated offal because of its intense flavor, and for its sustainability and the ethical use of an animal. We're thrilled to see these cuts coming full circle and taking their place in the modern home kitchen.

Cuts guide

Oxtail - The beefiest of all cuts. Often we eat the single package of oxtail that comes from each animal before it can be sold. Makes the ultimate pho, and there are lots of soul food and African and Jamaican inspired recipes. 

Beef cheek - Full of flavor, does well with slow cooking recipes like barbacoa or braising in red wine, or in tomatoes for a ragu, and does well as a substitute in many short ribs recipes.

Tongue - Excellent for lengua street tacos

Marrow Bones:  Packages of two, cut as "boats. They should be suitable for use in Bone Marrow recipes or as Soup Bones, though there is a large variety in the shape and depth of bones. Roast and serve with toasted sourdough bread. Also used in Guga's 'butter of the gods' recipe.

Kidney fat: Unrendered; you will need to render it yourself to make tallow for cooking with, popping popcorn, or using in pie crusts. 



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