Our story

Texas Craft Wagyu began when Ben and Grace moved to North Texas after more than a decade living in Beijing, and set out to share their unique food experiences in Asia. For over 16 years Ben’s family provided their pasture-raised beef exclusively to family and friends. After moving to the family ranch, Ben and Grace established Texas Craft Wagyu so others can enjoy the rich flavors of properly raised Wagyu beef, the same breed that becomes authentic Japanese A5 Wagyu and Kobe beef.

Our intensely marbled Wagyu beef is raised on our family ranch just north of Dallas, as well as by local family ranch partners. Every part of the journey to your table is designed for a flavorful eating experience.

Beef animals are finished on grain while remaining on pasture with free choice access to grass. Our unique hybrid program achieves a balance of meatiness and buttery richness.
Our average age at harvest is around 36 months, compared to 24 months for most grass-fed producers and 14 months for commercial beef found in grocery stores.

Because we allow our cattle to grow slowly, without added hormones, each cut of our Wagyu develops a unique taste profile, from rich and buttery signature steaks, to the umami meatiness of the short ribs and roasts.

All our beef is dry aged, enhancing its remarkable tenderness and flavor. Dry aging by hanging the entire carcass on the rail is time-consuming and expensive. We believe it is the best way to give you a remarkable eating experience.

Our Wagyu pairs perfectly with wine, craft beer, and long slow meals with friends and loved ones.

Texas Craft Wagyu is available only in small batches and offered exclusively in the Dallas area.


Leonard, TX

First-generation ranchers Tom and Judy Shaw run Cardinal Ranch together with the next generation, their son Ben and his wife Grace. They believe in giving the animals under their care a life worth living, and continually improving their stewardship of the land.


Bruner Family Ranch

Grandview, TX

The Bruner family has raised cattle in Texas for over 75 years, witnessing first hand the ups and downs of cattle cycles, extreme weather and volatile economic challenges. One thing has remained steady throughout the years – their commitment to producing the finest quality cattle available.





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