Farmer's Cuts
Texas Craft Wagyu farmers cuts Bottom Round
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts

Farmer's Cuts

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Juicy and beefy, though not quite as marbled as our signature steak cuts. These lesser known cuts are a great value and are what we eat most of the time. 

Perfect as a casual dinner, lunch meal prep, or sliced thinly for stir fry.

All our beef is dry aged 30 days.


Cuts guide

Kabobs - One-inch cubes of beef perfect for stir-fry or slow cooking methods

Santa Fe - Beef round top cap (moderately lean)

Bottom Round - aka Tucson (marbled with firm texture)

Top sirloin - Top sirloin cap steak (moderately lean)

Shoulder Center - From the Chuck primal (marbled with firm texture)

Sliced beef - Thinly sliced versions of the above cuts. Thaws quickly. Use for Asian style barbecue, stir fry or Philly cheesesteaks. Get both Highly and Moderately marbled versions for added variety. 

Farmer's Bundle

You'll receive a 5-pound or 10-pound variety bundle of the above cuts, and save approximately 25% compared to ordering individual cuts.



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