Farmer's Cuts
Texas Craft Wagyu farmers cuts Bottom Round
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts
Farmer's Cuts

Farmer's Cuts

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Juicy and beefy, though as marbled as our signature steak cuts. These lesser known cuts are a great value and are what our family eats most of the time. 

Perfect as a casual dinner, lunch, or meal prep.

All our beef is dry aged.


Cuts guide

Kabobs - One-inch cubes of beef perfect for stir-fry or slow cooking methods

Santa Fe - Beef round top cap (moderately lean)

Bottom Round - aka Tucson (marbled with firm texture)

Top sirloin - Top sirloin cap steak (moderately lean)

Shoulder Center - From the Chuck primal (marbled with firm texture)

Sliced beef - Thinly sliced versions of the above cuts. Thaws quickly. Use for Asian style barbecue, stir fry, or Philly cheesesteaks. 

Farmer's Bundle

5-pound Farmer's Bundles save approx. 25% compared to ordering individual cuts;

10-pound bundles save approx. 30% compared to ordering individual cuts.



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