BBQ & Smoking cuts
BBQ & Smoking cuts
BBQ & Smoking cuts
BBQ & Smoking cuts

BBQ & Smoking cuts

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Choose from brisket, back ribs, tri tip, and short ribs.

All our beef is dry aged, enhancing its remarkable tenderness and flavor.

Cuts Guide

Brisket - Whole packer brisket; aggressively trimmed so you don't have to. You will be able to use similar technique to smoking a non-Wagyu brisket (we recommend cooking fat cap down). Extremely rich; we like to serve on sliders with pickles or coleslaw. Leftovers make great tacos or fancy ramen topping. 

Tri Tip - Long popular in California and Arizona, this cut from the Loin is a treat to smoke.

Back Ribs - A rack of ribs cut from on top of the Ribeye. We think this is the best cut in BBQ, and even better from Wagyu.

Short ribs (aka Beef Ribs) - Great for braising or smoking; many customers like to use sous vide methods, can also be used in pho.

Plate Short ribs - A rack of short ribs. Lends well to Hill Country BBQ style, and making dino ribs.



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