Farm to Table Journey

Cardinal Ranch is a small family operation. We've been raising cattle for nearly 20 years to share with family and friends. When Ben and Grace moved to the ranch they fell in love with the country lifestyle. Their passion is sharing remarkable food experiences.


We believe it is important to give animals a life worth living.

Our steers are allowed to develop slowly like nature intended. Much of the beef available in stores was implanted with a hormone device and harvested at 16-24 months. We harvest our steers when they are ready, not any sooner. The beef we're selling now was harvested at 45 months. This adds to the expense though it is worth it for the quality of product. 


In addition to Wagyu cattle, we're also home to chickens, geese, ducks, goats, and sheep. 



Wildlife also thrives. We believe our role is to be good stewards of the land. When done properly, raising cattle is good for the environment. It's not the cow, it's the how. Grazing animals help improve soil health. Healthy soil contributes to healthy water and a healthy atmosphere.



We sell 100% fullblood Wagyu, which was bred in Japan over the course of centuries to develop dense and even marbling. 



We dry age the entire steer for at least 30 days to enhance tenderness and flavor. Notice how our steer in the middle has lovely white fat compared with the yellow fat of the steers from other operations. This is because we finish on locally raised grain. Our cattle consume mostly grass, though grain is necessary to finish properly.



The craft of butchery is as important as the quality of our meat. We use a small family-run operation only 20 minutes from our home. They are clean, humane, and detail oriented.

You only get good meat from good butchery.


It's satisfying to watch the butchers work and see the mountains of ribeyes piling up!

We sell the whole animal: Usually when a steer is butchered the cuts are split up and are sold at different places across the country and world. We sell an entire steer. This means that customers can get a tasting tour of the steer similar to a wine tasting. You can appreciate the various flavor profiles of a NY Strip compared with a Ribeye, or the umami beefiness of short ribs. Like the offerings from a craft beer brewery, every cut of meat is unique!


Because of the tenderness from dry aging, and flavor from mabling, Texas Craft Wagyu is simple to cook. 

You only need Salt, Pepper, and Heat.


We recommend slicing a large steak and serving family style. Texas Craft Wagyu is best enjoyed with family and friends over a long slow meal.



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