Roasts & Slow-cooking cuts
Roasts & Slow-cooking cuts
Roasts & Slow-cooking cuts
Roasts & Slow-cooking cuts

Roasts & Slow-cooking cuts

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These cuts are fairly lean (with the exception of Chuck Eye Roast, which is well marbled), and provide a nice contrast to our more richly marbled Signature Steak cuts. 

We raise our animals slowly so roasting and slow cooker cuts develop intense flavor.

Shank roast, Crosscut shank and Eye of Round are from the Round primal (the leg muscles). Through frequent use by our pasture-raised animals they develop intense beefy flavor.

These cuts are well suited to hearty recipes that call for roasting, braising, and other slow-cooking methods such as Dutch oven, pressure cooker or Instant-pot.


Cuts guide

Chuck Eye Roast - Just as Chuck Eye steaks are the 'poor man's Ribeye', Chuck Eye Roasts are a more economical version of a Prime Rib. This cut does well in an oven or smoker.

Crosscut shank - The same muscle as Shank Roast, although cut crosswise with the bone left in the center. Also works well as a soup base and can also be used for osso buco. 

Sunday Roasts - The Sunday Roast is a staple of British and Irish pubs. These medium-size roasting cuts can be Top Round, Bottom Round, Top Sirloin or Sirloin, all at least 5 pounds. Serve with roasted vegetables, potatoes and gravy for the perfect large family meal with leftovers.

Shank Roast - Works well as the soup base for pho or Taiwanese beef noodles. 

Oxtail - The beefiest of all cuts

Eye of Round - Our leanest cut, good for stews.



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